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Environmental Monitoring

Ponir Infrastrutture e Reti


Monitoring the "significant" environmental effects that result from the implementation of plans and programmes is a clear obligation for EU Member States. The environmental monitoring aspect of the OP Infrastructure and Networks 2014/2020 therefore has the purpose of:

ensuring that no action funded by the OP Infrastructure and Networks leads to significant unforeseen impacts on the environment

ensuring that the environmental sustainability objectives set by the OP Infrastructure and Networks are being met, and constantly monitoring progress

Tavolo Tecnico Monitoraggio Ambientale


The organisational aspects of environmental monitoring are a very sensitive issue within EU-funded programmes. For the monitoring to be effective, it is therefore of key importance to identify the actors involved and their specific roles.

For that purpose a Technical Working Group has been set up, as shown in the figure (IT).

The Environmental Monitoring Plan

The EMP (Environmental Monitoring Plan) is the methodological tool that describes how environmental monitoring is to be carried out in relation to the activities; the actors involved; the methodology to be adopted for analysing and evaluating the effects of the programme; and the IT tools to be used to manage the flow and return of data for the purposes of public communication and to support the decisions of the Managing Authority.

The VAS Monitoring Report

The VAS Monitoring Report (Strategic Environmental Assessment - Valutazione Ambientale Strategica) sets out the results of the environmental monitoring and is the most important of the documents prepared by the OP Infrastructure and Networks Management Authority. The VAS Monitoring Report is prepared annually.

The first VAS Monitoring Report (IT) is available here Monitoraggio Ambientale