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Infrastructures and Networks 14-20

Ponir Infrastrutture e Reti

The national Operational Programme (OP) on Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020 follows the priorities laid down by the European Union in the field of transport infrastructures, helping to improve conditions for the mobility of persons and goods and with the aim of ensuring the competitive development of less developed regions in Southern Italy and reinforcing economic, social and territorial cohesion.

The OP is divided up into three main Axes, applies to the regions of Basilicata, Campania, Apulia and Sicily and pursues the following objectives:

The strengthening of rail transport and the improvement of services in terms of quality and travel times

Improvements in the competitiveness of the port and inter-port systems

Improvements in regional mobility, modal integration and improvements in multimodal connectivity

Optimisation of air traffic

The OP Infrastructures and Networks foresees tangible results in line with each of the three growth objectives set out in the Europe Strategy 2020:

Sustaineble growth

This pursues the objective of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by limiting co-financing for more contaminating modes of transport

Smart growth

Investments in technology aimed at reducing clearance times for goods and implementation of telematics systems to optimise procedures

Inclusive growth

Development of goods traffic, improvements in the general quality of transport services, thus generating indirect benefits for all citizens and users of infrastructures

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