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dal 22 gennaio 2020 è online l'elenco provvisorio delle operazioni ammesse/ammissibili

"Realizzare piattaforme e strumenti intelligenti di info-mobilità per il monitoraggio e la gestione dei flussi di traffico di merci e persone,
principalmente sistemi ITS, sistemi informativi e soluzioni gestionali, strumenti di monitoraggio del traffico, ecc."

Implementation of the DCO at Reggio Calabria

Upgrading of the Tyrrhenian railway line Battipaglia-Reggio Calabria: implementation of the DCO at Reggio Calabria

The project falls within the scope of the NOP “Infrastructures and Networks” 2014-2020 among the projects for completion coming from the previous plan. It is part of the more ample Program of operations concerning the Battipaglia–Reggio Calabria main line the objective of which is to increase the infrastructure’s reliability in terms of substrate and artifacts as well as of technological systems.

The headquarters of the DCO – Operational Central Manager will be located in the Reggio Calabria Centrale station. The new DCO will remotely control the entire compartment. Some of the aims of the project are: reduction of staff, lower maintenance charges, simplified management and consequential reduction in costs.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

  Action Line: I.1.1

  Start and end date: Octoberr 2014 - March 2017

  Location of the intervention: Reggio di Calabria

  OP Contribution: 6,8 mln€