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List of operations

Reg. (EU) 1303/2013 - (Art. 115) provides that Managing Authorities shall, in order to ensure transparency concerning support from the Funds, maintain a list of operations in a spreadsheet data format, which allows data to be sorted, searched, extracted, compared and easily published on the internet, for instance in CSV or XML format.


Intervention categories

Rete Ferroviaria Railway Network

Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 024 - Railways (TEN-T Core)
  • 025 - Railways (TEN-T comprehensive)

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Porti e intermodalità Ports and multimodality

Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 035 - Multimodal transport (TEN-T)
  • 039 - Seaports (TEN-T)

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Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 044 - Intelligent Transport System

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