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Ponir Infrastrutture e Reti

The strategy of the OP Infrastructures and Networks 2014/2020 pursues the objective of promoting sustainable transport systems and eliminating bottlenecks in the main network infrastructures

The resources for the implementation of the interventions provided by OP Infrastructures and Networks meet the following objectives:

  • realization and / or completion of interventions that insist on the TEN-T Corridors for the development of Trans-European Network
  • realization and / or completion of interventions for the development of five Integrated Logistic Areas, intended as a focal point for the governance of flows and goods, due to the strategic location of the territories.
  • increasing the competitiveness of the port and interport system, modal integration and the improvement of multimodal connections
  • optimisation of air traffic by way of a contribution to the implementation of the Single European Sky
  • resource concentration on interventions for the sustainable mobility of passengers and goods

Intervention categories

Rete Ferroviaria Railway Network

Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 024 - Railways (TEN-T Core)
  • 025 - Railways (TEN-T comprehensive)

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Porti e intermodalità Ports and multimodality

Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 035 - Multimodal transport (TEN-T)
  • 039 - Seaports (TEN-T)

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Intervention fields Reg(UE) 215/2014
  • 044 - Intelligent Transport System

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